About me

Hello, nice to meet you !

I am Miglena, and currently my biggest passion is to create things from fabric – clothes, home decor items, toys and I do not know where I will go next 🙂

I spent some years in the corporate world, but as I was spending more and more nights sewing, and daydreaming of beautiful fabrics during the long office days, I was more and more dreaming of spending more time with what I enjoyed very much – sewing. After two years like that I am now ready to dedicate myself to my passion to create.

I am really thankful that I had the luck to work for 5 years in AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organisation. I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and learn that following dreams and passions is possible. During that period I also got infected by the travel fever and desire to see as much of the world as possible. I have lived and worked in 4 countries besides my own, and my times in India and Armenia were priceless experiences.

My mother and grandmother showed me how to sew clothes, knit and crochet. I was not that interested in those things at the time, and successfully forgot almost everything.

And then, some years ago, I bought a sewing machine to see if I can make clothes that are more interesting and unique than what I could find in the shops. Ahhhh that was a strange beginning of my obsession with sewing! I still remember the wild excitement when I managed to make my first pillow cover, and there was no coming back. I want that excitement and satisfaction again and again, so I keep sewing as much as I can and knitting from time to time.

I live in Sofia now, but here is a photo from my time in India, the most colourful place in the world.


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